2016 Year in Review

2016 was an incredible that gave me a ton of incredible opportunities as a photographer. Here are a few of my favorite images from the year covering everything I did: engagements, proposals, weddings, travel, senior portraits, and family photos.

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David Francisco | EP Release - Built For Two | @ The Square Room

When I found out that David was doing a show for his EP Release I knew that I wanted to capture the day, and I'm so glad that David brought me along to do that. I got to his house at 2pm and finally headed home at 12:30am after all was said and done. It made for a long day but it was a ton of fun and I'm incredibly thankful that David allowed me to take the vision I had and run with it.

When I got to David's house he was playing his piano waiting on the band to arrive.

From the beginning these guys were all having a blast together.

Lots of notes being made on sheet music, and even David's dog wanted to join in.

David's EP has an incredibly beautiful and yet simple design.

David was so excited to finally get to share all of his music with his fans.

David and the band getting all their gear in and set up.

David and the band getting all their gear in and set up.

There wasn't a dull moment to be had all day.

There's something truly special and fun to watch when friends make music.

Though the sound check can be tedious these guys had a great time doing it.

The band was full of personality and a ton of fun.

After sound check there was still much to be discussed in the Green Room, and delicious food.

One of the best thing about playing at The Square Room? Dinner provided by Cafe 4.

Some great ladies running the Merch Table for the night.

Set list for the night.

I have never seen The Square Room this crowded for this type of show, big props to David.

David had an incredibly talented band backing him for the night. The passion that they all brought to his music really helped make the night a huge success.

David was clearly at home on stage.

The addition of a horn section really added another dimension to the music and the crowd clearly loved it.

Seriously, the heart and passion for music that David has is obvious to everybody who sees him perform.

David had a great time greeting and taking pictures with fans after the show.

Even signed some copies of his EP for fans.

After everything had wound down David and some of his close friends headed back to his house for an after party.

And David ended the night with a toast.